Building monetr locally using CMake.

General Requirements

  • Node >= v18.0.0
  • Go >= 1.20.0
  • Git
  • GNUMake

monetr will also create some binaries within the CMake binary directory, these binaries may be created by gem, npm or go install. These will not be installed on the host system itself, and are automatically removed when the source directory is cleaned.


If you want to do a release build of monetr on linux, you will also need the following packages:

These are required in order for monetr to setup licensed (opens in a new tab). This tool is setup in the CMake binary directory and is not installed on the host, but is installed via gem. The tool is used to generate monetr's third party notice file that is embedded in it at build time. This file contains a list of all of the licenses of all of monetr's Go and JS dependencies.

Building monetr

To build monetr you can simply run the following make command. This will run the CMake configuration and build steps necessary to produce a binary at $PWD/build/monetr ($PWD/build/monetr.exe on Windows).

make monetr

Release Build

In order to produce a release build of monetr the following flag must be added.

# Specify the release preset manually
make monetr CMAKE_PRESET=release
# Or you can simply run
make release

In CI/CD, all builds are performed in release mode.